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Mojito, Cosmopolitan, or an Old Fashioned? Nah … Instead come and savour the intoxicating Rock Star In The Park Cocktail (shaken, not stirred of course) of Prime Circle, Jesse Clegg and Lee Cole mid- February.

It’s true that February is short … but bound to be super sweet indeed – especially if Concerts In The Park has a say in the matter. We’re hard pushed to imagine a more gratifying mid-summer cocktail than the one we have in store for you at De Waal Park on February 12th. With more than a dollop of electrifying rock, a dash of passionate lyrics and a pinch of raw powerhouse vocals, our hand-picked combo of heavyweights headlined by epic South African legends Prime Circle – and flanked by two other musical prodigies Jesse Clegg and Lee Cole – is guaranteed to have you up against the bandstand, inhaling every awe-inspiring vibe.

Johannesburg-based band Prime Circle is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most prized national treasures in South Africa’s buoyant music arsenal. With 21 years – a darn long time for any band to stick together – of producing perpetually memorable songs, Prime Circle’s winning recipe has gone from strength to strength, inspiring various generations of South Africans no end with songs like the unforgettable “She always gets what she wants” (2008) that lingered on the charts for a whopping 52 weeks. Other household favourites (there are too many to single out, really) include “As long as I’m here” (2003), ”Breathing”(2010), “Turn me to stone” (2010) and “Pretty like the sun” (2017). Singer-songwriter Ross Learmonth’s incredible voice and meaningful lyrics have been speaking to audiences across the country – and world, from India to Dubai, Belgium to Australia – and the allure of this Famous Five (Ross Learmonth, Dale Schnettler, Dirk Bischhoff, Marco Gomes and Neil Breytenbach) seems to only grow more potent as time goes by, with loyal fans continually gagging for more of their magic. The awards and accolades received over the years are too innumerable to recount (google them and gawk) and the acts Prime Circle has performed with are eye-wateringly impressive and include the likes of Queen, Annie Lennox, Katie Melua, Iron Maiden, Peter Gabriel, Black Sabbath, Muse and Iggy Pop.

As for the charismatic, mesmerising Jesse Clegg and his heartfelt lyrics, here’s another name with fond historic connotations (son of SA’s beloved Johnny Clegg) and a mean legacy of his own – Jesse has already reached platinum-selling success. His 2011 album “When I wake up” made national waves, and in fact so much so that it caught the imagination of Canadian producer David Bottrill who produced his second album, “Life on Mars”. A tour through Canada and North America secured him an international fanbase. 2016 Saw ‘Things unseen” and expanded his international following no end. Johannesburg-based musician Lee Cole adds to the epic offering of the day. Who can forget his smash hit “I don’t wanna wait” with its poignant lyrics and catchy tunes? A class-act who is no stranger to audiences in the USA and further afield. Another gorgeous ace up our sleeve is that the first opener of the day will come from the enthusiastic and youthful talents that make up the Plumstead High School band.

I mean, it’s a no-brainer – how can you bear to miss a part of this intoxicatingly magical day  at De Waal Park? It’s history in the making and you need to be there, surely!

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