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What do you get when you mix copious quantities of electrifying Hip Hop, Deep House & Afrobeat with some gentle Indie Folk vibes and a pinch of passionate Flamenco? Duh, Concerts In The Park’s inaugural, long-awaited music offering in The Park, of course!


Does your heart, like mine, beat to an African drum? If so, picture this: a Cape Town Summers day full of glorious promise, thousands of like-minded music lovers making the pilgrimage to our beloved De Waal Park for the first of Concerts In The Park’s now legendary feats … the park rocking with exuberant musos picking their perfect spot under the trees and laying down picnic blankets in fevered anticipation, with the most beautiful mountain in the world overseeing proceedings … One would indeed be hard pushed to think of a more idyllic scene.

And it’s not any old concert we’re kicking off with, we’re launching with the very best, the inimitable Johannesburg band Mi Casa, who needs no introduction. Hip hop, Afrobeat, Amapianio, Deep House, Soul – call it what you will, Mi Casa takes African music to another level. They’re on an unstoppable wave exuding pure, unadulterated energy, a quintessential vibe – and  a l-o-t of love. Hop on, you’re cordially invited to the ride!

One should stop and momentarily marvel at the awesome self-made fairy-tale success story of the creative trio J’Something, Dr Duda and Mo-Thave, who have known each other for over a decade, given us 5 epic albums and in the process been energising, inspiring and electrifying crowds across Mzanzi and beyond. Bringing extraordinarily diverse musical backgrounds to the table: the Afro Pop Mango Groove connection of Mo-T’s father Kgasoane Banza, Mozambiquan J’Something having used his marketing degree to get a foot in the music industry’s door and Dr. Duda having played keyboards in a gospel band in his childhood church since age 8, one would be hard pushed to refute that these guys eat, breathe and sleep music. For those of you who’ve been dozing under a rock, a quick history lesson: looking w-a-y back, the band released the urban jazzy Mi Casa to huge local and international acclaim in 2011/12, followed by Su Casa (2013) – topping no 1 spots in South Africa on release day, in 2015 came Home Sweet Home, Famiglia in 2017 and We Made It in 2020 containing the poignant ‘Mamela’. The accolades collected over the decade are too plentiful to mention, and simply writing about them doesn’t do justice to this precious gem in the SA music crown. Best advice from us to you: come and see for yourself!

Second support band Majozi equally is a local household name. Nhlanhla Majozi’s indie folk music has been lighting up Durban’s live music scene over the past few years, with his first single, The River off his EP Marvellous Light having been wonderfully well received. We suggest you come and discover for yourself why this humble musician form Durbs is such a sensation. To add to the already dazzling cocktail, District-Six born Capetonian flamenco guitar legend Saudiq Khan will add his passionate tribute to the day. And finally, for the very first time at Concerts In The Park, we’re mightily delighted and super proud to give a platform to our budding young talent, the first of our school bands Elkanah. No doubt they’ll wow the crowds no end.

All that remains to be said is, welcome to a wonderfully eclectic and simply badass line-up as we kick off this season! How could you possibly want to miss out? Get your tickets ASAP from Quicket and spot you from under our tree!