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We chat to Nick Knightshade from Dukes of Note ahead of a show in De Waal Park on Sunday 29th Jan with Matthew Mole & Will Linley

We chat to Nick Knightshade from Dukes of Note ahead of a show in De Waal Park on Sunday 29th Jan with Matthew Mole & Will Linley

Dukes of Note founded in 2014  is a Carnival Rock band from Cape Town combining elements of Balkan rhythms, gypsy punk, vintage blues and swing with good old-fashioned rock ‘n roll; an eccentric blend of dark yet playful theatrics.

The band is  Nick Knightshade  Singer & Guitar, Andy Abels – Bass & Backing Vocals , Matthew Cox – Drums & Backing Vocals

The band have new music out, a wonderful take on a classic “Hit the Road Jack”.

 I chatted to  Nick Knightshade founder of the band ahead of their show in Cape Town on 29th Jan with Matthew Mole and Will Linley.

What is your job description?
Many hats , Guitar Teacher, Voice Actor, Singer, Guitarist, Artist, Writer, Producer, Performer.

What does music mean to you?
Music has always been a bit of a mystery for me. The more I discover, the closer I feel to unlocking the mystery – only to find yet another rabbit hole to go down.

My music is about…
A whole lot of fun & imagination

What is your motto?

You need to dare to dream, and then dream some more.

Fame is about…
What other people think of you.

Retirement will happen when.
There is literally nothing left to do.

I would love to co-write with.
Danny Elfman

Where do you go for inspiration to create?
All I really need is a quiet room

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your work?
On Stage, singing my heart out.

The song you must do during every show?
Voodoo – was written for the purpose of breaking the disconnect
between the band on stage and the audience watching us. Let the fun begin.

Any funny moments on stage?
It takes a certain kind of skill to burp off-mic between singing your lyrics, don’t drink fizzy drinks.

My heroes are…
Hard-working individuals with real creative talent and the drive to make their ideas come to life.

My style icon is…
“Jack Sparrow”  most say Johnny Depp.

Which living person do you admire most and why?
My parents – they’re an awesome team and I mean, I wouldn’t be anything without them – literally.

What is your most treasured possession?
My laptop – it’s got all my creative projects on it! Boring but true…

It’s your round; what are you drinking?
I’ll have a shaken margarita & a gold tequila on the side.

Dream gig to do?
Download Festival with all the alternative greats.

Any nicknames?
My full name being Nicholas, guess the possibilities.

If you were not a musician, what would you do?
Honestly, I don’t know ,it’s the area of my life that fulfils me the most & brings me the most joy.

Pick five words to describe yourself?
Outgoing, charismatic, loyal, understanding & maybe a little stubborn sometimes…

Five must have songs on your Spotify playlist please
Start Wearing Purple – Gogol Bordello
The Wine Song – The Cat Empire
Hell – The Squirrel Nut Zippers
Survival – Muse
Pink Elephants on Parade – Circus Contraption
And any Dukes of Note Music

Greatest Movie Ever Made?
The Nightmare Before Christmas.

What book are you reading?
The Night Circus.

What song changed your life?
Bat Country – Avenged Sevenfold, was the first song of theirs I heard and it just had a good mix of all the elements I didn’t know would inspire my teenage spirit to want to play the guitar & be in a band.

Who do you love?
My heart is reserved, if that is what you are asking?

What is your favourite Word?

Your greatest achievement?
Building the balanced life I want to live & never giving up on my dreams

What do you complain about most often?
Depends how often we get load shedding

What is your biggest fear?
Never having enough time to spend with friends and family as well as not being able to
complete all my projects and make my ideas come to life.

Happiness is…
Switching off after a long day of melting tasks and being able to sink into the chill zone with my partner.

On stage, I tend to…
Give 100%.

The best life lesson you have learned?
Frugality – Finding value in the little things in life

What has been your favourite journey so far?
The journey of discovering my creative abilities & chasing the knowledge to be able to bridge
the gap between the imagined and the real.

Do you do charity work, and if you do – what do you do?
Funny you ask, I was contacted today and asked if Dukes of Note would team up with Noon
Gun Brewery to help raise funds to donate and rebuild some of the Muzenberg beach huts. They are in danger of being demolished and have been recognized as a valuable historic & iconic attraction for the area. So come join us on the 10th of February  as we’ll be helping raise funds to contribute at The Noon Gun Tap Room in Muizenberg. I would love to work with more charities so looking forward to arranging more fundraisers for good causes in the future.

Wishes and dreams?
More people would work harder to achieve consonant harmony in the dissonant
cacophony of the world.

YouTube link
Hit the Road Jack

Dukes of Note YouTube Channel:

Social media links







Mojito, Cosmopolitan, or an Old Fashioned? Nah … Instead come and savour the intoxicating Rock Star In The Park Cocktail (shaken, not stirred of course) of Prime Circle, Jesse Clegg and Lee Cole mid- February.

It’s true that February is short … but bound to be super sweet indeed – especially if Concerts In The Park has a say in the matter. We’re hard pushed to imagine a more gratifying mid-summer cocktail than the one we have in store for you at De Waal Park on February 12th. With more than a dollop of electrifying rock, a dash of passionate lyrics and a pinch of raw powerhouse vocals, our hand-picked combo of heavyweights headlined by epic South African legends Prime Circle – and flanked by two other musical prodigies Jesse Clegg and Lee Cole – is guaranteed to have you up against the bandstand, inhaling every awe-inspiring vibe.

Johannesburg-based band Prime Circle is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most prized national treasures in South Africa’s buoyant music arsenal. With 21 years – a darn long time for any band to stick together – of producing perpetually memorable songs, Prime Circle’s winning recipe has gone from strength to strength, inspiring various generations of South Africans no end with songs like the unforgettable “She always gets what she wants” (2008) that lingered on the charts for a whopping 52 weeks. Other household favourites (there are too many to single out, really) include “As long as I’m here” (2003), ”Breathing”(2010), “Turn me to stone” (2010) and “Pretty like the sun” (2017). Singer-songwriter Ross Learmonth’s incredible voice and meaningful lyrics have been speaking to audiences across the country – and world, from India to Dubai, Belgium to Australia – and the allure of this Famous Five (Ross Learmonth, Dale Schnettler, Dirk Bischhoff, Marco Gomes and Neil Breytenbach) seems to only grow more potent as time goes by, with loyal fans continually gagging for more of their magic. The awards and accolades received over the years are too innumerable to recount (google them and gawk) and the acts Prime Circle has performed with are eye-wateringly impressive and include the likes of Queen, Annie Lennox, Katie Melua, Iron Maiden, Peter Gabriel, Black Sabbath, Muse and Iggy Pop.

As for the charismatic, mesmerising Jesse Clegg and his heartfelt lyrics, here’s another name with fond historic connotations (son of SA’s beloved Johnny Clegg) and a mean legacy of his own – Jesse has already reached platinum-selling success. His 2011 album “When I wake up” made national waves, and in fact so much so that it caught the imagination of Canadian producer David Bottrill who produced his second album, “Life on Mars”. A tour through Canada and North America secured him an international fanbase. 2016 Saw ‘Things unseen” and expanded his international following no end. Johannesburg-based musician Lee Cole adds to the epic offering of the day. Who can forget his smash hit “I don’t wanna wait” with its poignant lyrics and catchy tunes? A class-act who is no stranger to audiences in the USA and further afield. Another gorgeous ace up our sleeve is that the first opener of the day will come from the enthusiastic and youthful talents that make up the Plumstead High School band.

I mean, it’s a no-brainer – how can you bear to miss a part of this intoxicatingly magical day  at De Waal Park? It’s history in the making and you need to be there, surely!

Get your tickets at Quicket.









Will Linley to play De Waal park on Sunday 29th January with Matthew Mole & Dukes of Note

Will Linley had an amazing 2022, what with opening for One Republic at Grand West, playing Switching on the lights late Nov in Cape Town.

Now he gets to play De Waal Park in Cape Town on Sunday 29th January with Matthew Mole and Dukes of Note. Tickets are R99 bucks from Quicket 


Hailing from Cape Town,  songwriter and musician,  Will released his highly-anticipated second single in March 2022  “Wrong Time” via BMG – who represent artists like 5 Seconds of Summer, Louis Tomlinson, Maxwell, Jason Mraz, Natalie Imbruglia – and the new track follows his 2021 debut with much praise and excitement. Written during a Zoom session with songwriter and producer John Samuel Gerhart, “the song is about meeting the right girl at the wrong time,” notes Will. “It’s a very personal song and means a lot to me as an artist. I love the up-tempo guitar riffs and it always makes me wanna vibe out!”

He cannot remember a time in his life without music. He grew up singing as a hobby but never imagined that his passion could translate into a career.

Once the pandemic hit, Will found himself stuck at home writing music as a way to feel less isolated. He soon found a global connection with fans thanks to TikTok and his raw, relatable and now radio hit lyrics.

Will’s 2021 debut single “miss me (when you’re gone)” has garnered millions of global streams, over a million YouTube views, 5M+ TikTok views.

The single was written in October 2021 and was inspired by a real-life experience

“My first song ‘miss me (when you’re gone)’ is a very personal song for me,” Will explains. “I had met someone who I felt brought out the best part of me. The song is about me realizing that I’m going to miss the person that I am when I am around her, when we can no longer be together.”

Now the rising star has his second work out “Wrong Time”. “The song is about meeting the right girl at the wrong time,” notes Will. “It’s a very personal song and means a lot to me as an artist. I love the up-tempo guitar riffs and it always makes me wanna vibe out!”

I caught up with Will last week.

What is your job description?

I guess I’d say I’m a musician!

What does music mean to you?

Music holds a really special place in my heart. It was a huge part of my upbringing and so to be pursuing it seriously is incredibly exciting.

My music is about…

Life and different situations I find myself in.

What is your motto?

This too shall pass.

Fame is about…

I don’t know, if I’m being honest, I’ve never given it too much thought. For me fame isn’t the goal. My goal is to create music that people connect with and enjoy.

Retirement will happen when …

I don’t love what I do, but that won’t happen anytime soon because I LOVE WHAT I DO!

I don’t do…

Shark cage diving, no ways.

I would love to co-write with…

Jon Bellion or Chelsea Cutler

Where do you go for inspiration to create?

My journal or watch a movie to draw some inspiration.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your work?

The live shows, I love connecting with my fans, they are the ones that are allowing me to live out a dream I’ve had as a kid. And meeting them and building a connection with them is my favourite thing to do.

The song you must do during every show?

Miss me (when you’re gone)

Any funny moments on stage?

Load-shedding hit during my set. So whilst the lights were off, we did a little impromptu acoustic set which was so awesome!

My heroes are…

My mum and dad

My style icon is.

This is a rather boring answer, but I honestly don’t have one, I don’t really know!

Which living person do you admire most and why?

I really admire my two producers David and Bubele, seeing the way they navigate the music industry and seeing their intentions on trying to shine a light on South African musicians is just so incredible. I really admire their work ethic and passion for what they do.

What is your most treasured possession?

My spotify playlists. I LOVE LISTENING TO MUSIC!

It’s your round; what are you drinking?

Plain and simple, a Stella Artois.

Dream gig to do?

Sell out Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town.

What makes you stand out?

I am fun and energetic, and I don’t take life too seriously. I really try to just have as much fun as possible and I feel like that is pretty clear when people come and watch my live shows.

Any nicknames?

Willie or Goob

If you were not a musician, what would you do?

A Teacher for sure!

Pick five words to describe yourself?

Chaotic, Engaging, Extraverted, Anxious, Joyful

What are you streaming?

Little Freak by Harry Styles

Greatest Movie Ever Made?

Notting Hill

What book are you reading?

All you need to know about the music business by Donald S. Passman

What song changed your life?

I Love Anyone by Justin Bieber

Who do you love?

My family and friends

What is your favourite Word?


Your greatest achievement?

Selling out my first shows on my first South African Tour!

What do you complain about most often?

I haven’t thought about this before, very interesting! I think a lot of the time I wish I had a bigger range in my voice? I guess I complain about that. But I try not to complain about things in my life. I’m dealt with various things and I’ve got to adapt to them accordingly. It’s pointless to sit back and complain about aspects of my life, and myself, that I can’t change.

What is your biggest fear?


Happiness is…

Doing what I love with people that I love.

On stage, I tend to…

Lose my voice quickly because I get too excited and shout too much.

The best life lesson you have learned?

It’s okay to make mistakes because that is where you tend to grow the most.

What has been your favourite journey so far?

The journey of music. It has been so awesome to see how my life has changed over the past couple months because of the songs I’ve created.

Do you do charity work, and if you do – what do you do?

My friend runs a drive called support a saffa and I try support her when I can.

Wishes and dreams?

To never lose my love and naïve nature when it comes to music. I wish that I never lose the sense of awe I have every single time I go on stage to perform.

YouTube links

Wrong Time: Will Linley – wrong time (Official Music Video)

Miss Me (When You’re Gone): Will Linley – miss me (when you’re gone) [Official Music Video]

Social media links

Facebook: Will Linley – Home | Facebook

Instagram: Will (@willlinleyy) • Instagram photos and videos

Twitter: WILLIAM LINLEY (@will_linley) / Twitter

TikTok: Will Linley (@williamlinleymusic) TikTok | Watch Will Linley’s Newest TikTok Videos




A Sure-Fire Way of Amplifying the Awesomeness of your January?

Simple: Matthew Mole x Will Linley x Dukes of Note x De Waal Park!

Fancy getting up close and personal with South Africa’s very own über-talented musical poster boy and export, the inimitable Matthew Mole? We in South Africa wax lyrical about this home-grown genius muso, his catchy, folksy guitar vibes and cute lyrics in hits like Running After You, The Wedding Song and Take Yours, but we’re not alone – folk all over the globe are humming these sweet tunes while going about their day-to-day business. That’s the stuff that classics are made of: creativity that crosses borders, oceans and continents with oodles of all-encompassing quality feel-good appeal. That being said, Concerts in the Park couldn’t be more chuffed to invite you to see Matthew Mole perform in person from the olde-worlde bandstand at De Waal Park on Sunday January 29th. If this doesn’t make you jump for January joy, we don’t know what will!

Not that you need any more convincing but … Empangeni-born Matthew Mole is no stranger to musical accolades: he made SA chart history as the first local artist to enter the iTunes album chart at number 1 with his first album The Home We Built. A string of nominations followed, such as that of Male Artist of the Year, Newcomer at the MK Awards as well as Best Pop Album 2014 at the 20th Annual South African Music Awards. At age 21 he won a competition run by Converse in London and with it came a recording contract; he was subsequently signed up to Just Music – and the rest, as they say, is history. None of these achievements, however, bring home just how fabulously talented and charismatic Matthew Mole is in person – but don’t take our word for it, come and experience it for yourself!

On the day Matthew Mole is supported by another legend-in-the-making, our own lookalike Ed Sheeran, Capetonian Will Linley, who initially kicked off his career as a TikTok sensation and hit the SA music scene running in 2021 with Miss Me (When You’re Gone). The catchy Wrong Time followed, and on the way Will Linley has built up a beefy following both locally and abroad. No surprises here – his recipe of memorable lyrics served up with copious quantities of cheer is guaranteed to get the crowd gagging for more. And the penultimate ace up our sleeve is the inimitable Dukes of Note, who need no introduction to the local scene – Cape Town’s own steampunk-carnival rock band that always leaves a lasting impression with their larger-than-life personas and imaginative vintage vibes.

Concerts In The Park feels strongly about nurturing budding young talent and giving a platform to inspiring young musicians from the community. We’re delighted introduce the fabulous Muizenberg School Band, who will be warming up the stage prior to the big guns strutting their stuff. We’re hard pushed to think of a better way to celebrate a sunny high summer’s day in Cape Town, and you’re cordially invited! Come along for a day of good vibes and unforgettable tunes, and in the process create enduring memories with family and friends – old and new! Tickets are available from Quicket.

Concerts in the Park on Sunday, 18th December 2022, featuring Francois Van Coke, Tasché, The Rockets & Camps Bay High

Concerts in the Park on Sunday, 18th December 2022, featuring Francois Van Coke and Tasché

Cape Town’s favourite, Concerts in the Park, is back with an impressive event in the Mother City’s historical park – De Waal Park.

Concerts in the Park was established with a vision to bring people of all colours, religions and walks of life together to enjoy some of the best musical artists South Africa has to offer. 12 Years later, they are still the go-to events for a unique and lively musical experience.

For the concert on the 18th, Concerts in the Park presents Francois Van Coke and Tasché.

Francois Van Coke rose to fame as the lead vocalist of South African rock bands Fokofpolisiekar and Van Coke Kartel. In 2015, Francois launched his self-titled debut solo album and kicked off his solo career with the release of Toe Vind Ek Jou featuring Karen Zoid. It became the first Afrikaans album and single to simultaneously jump to number one positions on the SA iTunes Store.

The iconic Francois Van Coke will not be performing alone; he will be sharing the stage with the world-class talent, Tasché.

Tasché became the first female winner and youngest of the reality TV series, The Voice SA 3, in 2019, just after her 19th birthday. She is known for her charismatic stage presence and is carving out her space as the new generation Afrikaans rocker.

So, join us for a Sunday Funday at this tranquil park and bring your friends, family and pets. Please do remember to have your pets on a leash the whole time.

Gates open at 10 am and the concert starts at 1 pm. To get your hands on the tickets, visit the Concerts in the Park website ( or Quicket. Tickets are R99 p/p.


For more information, please reach out to us:

Contact person: Thuthula


Mobile: 0823543543






Craving the ultimate summer soundtrack to your Xmas 2022? We’ve got you covered, absorb the halcyon holiday vibes in De Waal Park with legendary Francois Van Coke & Co.

Work’s done and dusted for the year, summer’s finally here, you’ve got the flip-flops & shorts combo out and life is just s-w-e-e-t. Nothing like an epic music fest to add a soundtrack to this sexy summer cocktail. So, dial up the chill factor: relax, let your hair down, arrange the kikoi on the green, green grass and let the music do the talking. And as you may have guessed, we’re alluding to much more than a bit of pre-Xmas “Jingle Bells” under the canopies of De Waal Park’s gigantic trees here. On December 18th you’ll be made merry by the real McCoy, the inimitable, the charismatic, the only Francois Van Coke, ‘local is lekker’ frontman of badass SA rock bands Fokofpolisiekar and Van Coke Cartel. If that thought doesn’t properly float, errr … rock both your and Santa’s party boat, we don’t know what will.

Famous for his solo albums since 2015 as well as collaborations with the likes of local legendary musos Karen Zoid, Spoegwolf, Die Heuwels Fantasties and Jack Parow, Bellville boy Francois Van Coke allegedly started Fokofpolisiekar as a joke to shock the conservative Afrikaans community, and the name stuck. Urban myth has it that his minister-father asked him to change his surname from Badenhorst to Van Coke as the local church-goers sent in complaints about his son’s performances! This artist’s work needs no introduction to the local market: “Toe Vind Ek Jou” was Most Popular Song, Best Song, Rock and Digital Album of the year back in 2015; in 2022 Francois Van Coke is still going strong with a fourth album called “Kanniedood” that merges ‘old punk and new pop’.

Another (very) local talent, Brackenfell-based Tasche will be supporting Francois Van Coke from the quaint bandstand in The Park as the second band of the day. Winner of the 2019 M-Net The Voice SA, with a subsequent record deal at Universal Music SA, Tasche released her first single in 2019 titled ‘Die Een”. The rest is history and on Dec 18th you can get up close and personal with this irrepressible vocalist under the trees, too.

The Rockets will be rocking the band stand on the 18th December too! No introduction needed to one of South Africa’s most successful pop bands ever – these household names and recipients of a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Ghoemas and SAFTA Best Music Show award are a force to be reckoned with. If you’ve missed their 50th anniversary sold-out show at Grand West Arena, come to De Waal Park and catch them there!

Camps Bay High School is famous well beyond the city for their out-of-this-world, superbly accomplished music and drama performances. This show by the Camps Bay High School band is bound to be one of the highlights of Concert In The Park 2022/3 season. Absolutely not to be missed!

See you at our pre-Xmas extravaganza at De Waal Park. Be sure to stash the sunscreen and shades, the vibe will be fiery, the atmosphere sizzling and the music scorching hot. As for the company, we’ll no doubt be kicking up the proverbial storm in The Park. Can you dare not to be there?





What do you get when you mix copious quantities of electrifying Hip Hop, Deep House & Afrobeat with some gentle Indie Folk vibes and a pinch of passionate Flamenco? Duh, Concerts In The Park’s inaugural, long-awaited music offering in The Park, of course!


Does your heart, like mine, beat to an African drum? If so, picture this: a Cape Town Summers day full of glorious promise, thousands of like-minded music lovers making the pilgrimage to our beloved De Waal Park for the first of Concerts In The Park’s now legendary feats … the park rocking with exuberant musos picking their perfect spot under the trees and laying down picnic blankets in fevered anticipation, with the most beautiful mountain in the world overseeing proceedings … One would indeed be hard pushed to think of a more idyllic scene.

And it’s not any old concert we’re kicking off with, we’re launching with the very best, the inimitable Johannesburg band Mi Casa, who needs no introduction. Hip hop, Afrobeat, Amapianio, Deep House, Soul – call it what you will, Mi Casa takes African music to another level. They’re on an unstoppable wave exuding pure, unadulterated energy, a quintessential vibe – and  a l-o-t of love. Hop on, you’re cordially invited to the ride!

One should stop and momentarily marvel at the awesome self-made fairy-tale success story of the creative trio J’Something, Dr Duda and Mo-Thave, who have known each other for over a decade, given us 5 epic albums and in the process been energising, inspiring and electrifying crowds across Mzanzi and beyond. Bringing extraordinarily diverse musical backgrounds to the table: the Afro Pop Mango Groove connection of Mo-T’s father Kgasoane Banza, Mozambiquan J’Something having used his marketing degree to get a foot in the music industry’s door and Dr. Duda having played keyboards in a gospel band in his childhood church since age 8, one would be hard pushed to refute that these guys eat, breathe and sleep music. For those of you who’ve been dozing under a rock, a quick history lesson: looking w-a-y back, the band released the urban jazzy Mi Casa to huge local and international acclaim in 2011/12, followed by Su Casa (2013) – topping no 1 spots in South Africa on release day, in 2015 came Home Sweet Home, Famiglia in 2017 and We Made It in 2020 containing the poignant ‘Mamela’. The accolades collected over the decade are too plentiful to mention, and simply writing about them doesn’t do justice to this precious gem in the SA music crown. Best advice from us to you: come and see for yourself!

Second support band Majozi equally is a local household name. Nhlanhla Majozi’s indie folk music has been lighting up Durban’s live music scene over the past few years, with his first single, The River off his EP Marvellous Light having been wonderfully well received. We suggest you come and discover for yourself why this humble musician form Durbs is such a sensation. To add to the already dazzling cocktail, District-Six born Capetonian flamenco guitar legend Saudiq Khan will add his passionate tribute to the day. And finally, for the very first time at Concerts In The Park, we’re mightily delighted and super proud to give a platform to our budding young talent, the first of our school bands Elkanah. No doubt they’ll wow the crowds no end.

All that remains to be said is, welcome to a wonderfully eclectic and simply badass line-up as we kick off this season! How could you possibly want to miss out? Get your tickets ASAP from Quicket and spot you from under our tree!



How a leftover Pocket between Reservoirs became the City’s most coveted green Haven and Music Hub.


There’s no doubt that a city’s heart beats boldest through its green spaces. New York has Central Park and Cape Town De Waal Park. But our park – or rather “THE Park” in local lingo – sits darn pretty. In fact, in terms of location it’s hard to beat: flanked by one of the most recognizable mountains in the world and overlooking both urban cityscape and ocean, De Waal Park is the emerald in the crown of leafy Oranjezicht. In this serene setting we city folk come together to unwind, recharge our batteries and inhale copious quantities of nature after a grinding day at the desk. It’s also a place where dog walkers meet up and let their four-legged babies say hello to their furry friends. It has also, over the years, been a place where communities have come together under the canopies of the 120+ species of trees to have a picnic, practice their slacklining and enjoy musical performances around the bandstand.

Today this gracious Victorian grande dame, complete with criss-crossing footpaths, trees, benches and a Victorian fountain centerpiece still delights, just like she did at her conception in 1895. The city’s first and largest park (after the Company’s Gardens) was purchased from the Van Breda family who owned a farm called Oranjezigt back in the day. The city divided the plot into three sections and built 2 small reservoirs below Camps Street and a larger one (Molteno) below Belvedere Rd. with the space between the reservoirs forming a natural park and voila! De Waal Park was born.

A forward-thinking councilor and law-maker at the time, David Christiaan De Waal, ordered the planting of thousands of trees in the city as well as in the ‘park’. The park, initially referred to as “Jubilee Park”, was opened to the public in 1895 by De Waal, who was mayor at the time. Soon it became simply known as De Waal Park – as it still is today. Elegant art-nouveau-style gates with wrought-iron arches were created as entrances and in 1899 a wall was built along Camp St and extended up Orange St in 1900. A hedge of Kei Apple was planted to fence off the rectangular-shaped park.

Incidentally, the original Edwardian bandstand was manufactured by Messrs Walter McFarlane & Co of Glasgow and presented to ‘The Corporation’ in Cape Town by the Traders-Market & Exhibition Ltd. London in 1904! It was initially used at the Cape Town Exhibition held in Green Pont but moved to De Waal Park after the exhibition was over. In 1968 De Waal Park received National Monument status, and has since been maintained as a public garden.

That being said, the iconic bandstand has been an intrinsic part of the community over the decades and has seen its fair share of musical performances, not least the annual set of summer Concerts In The Park, staged from the same Edwardian bandstand over the past 12 years. In 2022/3 the awesome line-up yet again consists of the very best of South African musical talent – kicking off with headliners Mi Casa, 2nd and 3rd band respectively, Majozi, and Saudiq Khan, and for the first time at Concerts In The Park, the delightful Elkanah School Band on December, 4th, 2022. The Park yet again cordially welcomes the rainbow nation of all ages to come and be part of the excitement. What are you waiting for? Save the date and get your tickets from Quicket!